ARDC’s persistent identifier (PID) services

Recorded: 14/04/2021
– Natasha Simons
– Joel Benn
– Siobhann McCafferty
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4816871
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This presentation was part of an “Orientation to ARDC services and expertise” series, specifically aimed at people involved in one of the ARDC co-investment projects commencing early 2021. In addition to co-investment of money, ARDC contributes expertise and services in a range of areas: research vocabularies, persistent identifiers, data discovery catalogues, metadata issues, licensing, governance, underpinning infrastructure (e.g. Nectar Research Cloud) and more. ARDC can also connect projects to national and international communities and initiatives trying to solve common challenges and outline best practice.

This session gave an overview of ARDC’s persistent identifier (PID) services and how you can implement DOIs, RAiDs and IGSNs in your project.

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