Adopt, adapt, reuse: sharing and reusing outputs from ARDC funded domain projects – webinar video

Webinar: Adopt, adapt, reuse: sharing and reusing outputs from ARDC funded domain projects – Marine and Characterisation

Presented: 23 May 2019.

Listen and find out how your project could reap the benefits of the work already undertaken.

During 2017 to 2019, the ARDC funded a number of domain focussed projects through the Data Enhanced Virtual Laboratory (DeVL) and Research Data Cloud (RDC) programs. While each project delivered a number of software components and related outputs optimised for their research domain, many of these outputs have been, or could be, adapted, adopted and reused by projects and platforms in other domains.

Webinar 2 in this series will showcase workflows, social approaches, software components and outputs which were developed and/or enhanced during the Characterisation and Marine projects.

These outputs are considered by their developers to be potentially ‘domain agnostic’ and therefore ripe for reuse. Hear from DeVL and RDC software developers and project managers about tools or processes that support image analysis and annotation, geocoding and transcription, data visualisation and more. Explore the potential for reuse in your domain, ask questions, offer ideas.

The webinar will be of interest to researchers, software developers, project managers and business analysts working in any domain who have an interest in learning about reusable software components.

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