What large clinical datasets exist across MACH Melbourne; how can we collate and curate them to maximise research outcomes?

The first step towards maximising the use and re-use of clinical health datasets from hospitals and clinical practices associated with the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH).

The issue faced with MACH data is that Information about many datasets is unavailable or not widely advertised. This data is held in many disparate data formats with differing governing policies.  

A key aim is to document the process of discovery so that this process can be re-used elsewhere.

1 Interview key MACH stakeholders
Interviews are being conducted with:(1) hospital and clinic CIOs and potentially CMOs (2) administrative and technical staff, (3) collection curators and owners, and (4) likely researcher data reusers.
2 Datasets review
Review dataset descriptors and record in-depth metadata about key datasets with a view to investigating future options to maximise the utility of such datasets for research following FAIR principles.
3 Final report
Create a report describing the challenges of MACH data reuse and possible solutions.
4 Completion of project
Project outcomes will be presented at an ARDC Data and Services Summit in October 2019.

Core features

Describe challenges and opportunities
A description of the challenges and opportunities uncovered when attempting to collate Melbourne’s clinical data.
Solutions to challenges
Speculative suggestions for solutions to the issues inherent in data re-use will be described.

Who is this project for?

  • MACH and Hospitals and Clinical practices that are a part of MACH
  • The University of Melbourne Petascale Campus Initiative
  • Policy makers at State and Federal level
  • Hospital and research institute managers
  • Researchers

What does this project enable?

This project enables discovery of clinical datasets within the University of Melbourne and other MACH members, and identifies problems to make the data reusable. This project lays a foundation to generate impact from reuse of these datasets.

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