Applications, Tools and Services

This project investigated current and future demands for high throughput computing (HTC) tools and services in the research sector in Australia and how these services can be effectively supported.

It investigated the following questions:

  1. What are the requirements of NCRIS capabilities and major research groups for these types of services?
  2. What exemplars are there in Australia and internationally of these kinds of services?
  3. Commercial cloud services, hybrid cloud, specialized hardware?
  4. What is the best approach for supporting these services on different infrastructures (including the Nectar Research Cloud) and how can we encompass hybrid cloud including local infrastructure (clusters, local cloud, etc.), and commercial cloud?
  5. How can we best take advantage of commercial cloud pricing options for these requirements?

From a user perspective, the project aimed at identifying requirements of NCRIS capabilities and users for such capabilities. From a provider perspective, the project identified similar infrastructures overseas supporting HTC as well as the role commercial clouds can have in this space.

Start date 23 July 2019
Expected completion date 21 October 2019
Investment by ARDC $42,000
Co-investment partners
Lead node
1 Report
Investigation of the demand for high throughput computing tools and services and how could these be most effectively supported.
2 Poster
Showcasing the project work and outcomes.
3 Presentation
Ignite style talk at the Storage and Infrastructure Summit drawing together lessons learned from the project.

Core features

Community support and involvement
A strong sense of community support and involvement in developing answers to some of the more difficult questions our sector faces.
Ignite ideas and discussions
Enabling diverse stakeholders to engage in discussions and sharing of ideas to shape a research data commons for our nation.

Who is this project for?

Infrastructure providers

What does this project enable?

Projects in this area will contribute to determining what vision, governance structure and implementation program are necessary to create an Australian research data commons.

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