Five years ago the Garvan Institute of Medical Research embraced genomics to underpin all its research, and thereby became Australia’s biggest genome data producer. Today, Garvan computes and runs services on all commercial clouds (AWS, Azure and Google).

The aim of the project was to investigate and report on the following:

  1. How Garvan currently manages costs on commercial clouds and providers of Platforms as a Service (PaaS), specifically DNAnexus;
  2. how Garvan decides between commercial and on-premise solutions and our advice on how to make this decision, and
  3. how the ARDC could be a valuable partner to research organisations in supporting the demand in this area.
Start date 23 July 2019
Expected completion date 21 October 2019
Investment by ARDC $36,000
Co-investment partners
1 Report
Investigation of the current usage (and interest/potential demand) of commercial cloud in the research sector and NCRIS capabilities?
2 Poster
Showcasing the project work and outcomes.
3 Presentation
Ignite style talk at the Storage and Infrastructure Summit drawing together lessons learned from the project.

Core features

Community support and involvement
A strong sense of community support and involvement in developing answers to some of the more difficult questions our sector faces.
Ignite ideas and discussions
Enabling diverse stakeholders to engage in discussions and sharing of ideas to shape a research data commons for our nation.

Who is this project for?

Infrastructure providers

What does this project enable?

Projects in this area will contribute to determining what vision, governance structure and implementation program are necessary to create an Australian research data commons.

Handy resources

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