All Australian bioscience researchers now have the opportunity to more easily access and apply bioinformatics approaches to their research, without needing to worry about resourcing, deploying, configuring and performing other system administration tasks that previously precluded the use of cloud and high performance compute resources.

This project provides a “data enhanced” and “user-enhanced” managed Genomics Virtual Laboratory (GVL) service for all researchers in Australia, with a strong focus on the Graphical User Interface (GUI) workflow and tool repository platform – Galaxy Australia ( and trains the community in the use of this platform.

1 Creation of Galaxy Australia
Consolidation of hardware and resources from Galaxy-Melbourne and Galaxy-Queensland into Galaxy Australia, providing a national Galaxy service. Repurposing of Galaxy-Melbourne resources and addition of NCI resources to underpin Galaxy training events and computational intensive analyses respectively.
2 Upgrading and updating Galaxy and GVL - November 2018
Align the analysis components of the managed GVL service (especially Galaxy Australia) and incorporate functionalities established by the global development community to ensure the Australian service remains current.
3 Metadata addition - Sep 2018
Establish a process to ensure metadata is added when ‘on boarding’ new reference datasets. Improve metadata for all existing reference datasets. Coordination with global reference data repository to strengthen global reference metadata.
4 Training
The development of a ‘train-the-trainer’ program. Realign all training materials (previously and newly created) to the new service, and make it available from a single location. Deliver courses in person and via webinar. Four national webinars held, reaching over ten national sites and 400 registrants.

Core features

National training network
Existing materials have been consolidated, and new training resources developed.
National Galaxy Australia service
All Australian researchers now have access to sophisticated biomolecular data analysis capability on top of cloud compute resources; with reliable, quality controlled and trusted analysis tools and relevant training and support.

Who is this project for?

Galaxy Australia is open to all members of the research community. This includes researchers, students, government research bodies and international collaborators. The service was historically focused on genomics and supports over 850 analytical tools with over 200 genomes that can be referenced with these tools. However as a workflow platform agnostic to data type Galaxy Australia is developing metabolomics analytical processing options.

What does this project enable?

All Australian bioscience researchers now have access to a professionally managed and appropriately resourced on-line computational service platform to underpin their biomolecular data analyses. This national managed service allows collaborative and borderless research for researchers across all Australian States and territories, and by invitation, their international collaborators. The alignment to the usegalaxy.* global efforts means that Galaxy Australia has access to the most uptodate and best practice analytical options in the increasingly diverse field of genomics and metabolomics.

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