The CADRE project will establish a shared and distributed sensitive data access management platform for the social sciences and related disciplines.

The CADRE project aims to develop the integrated infrastructure required to implement the 5 Safes Framework in Australian research institutions and collaborating government and private sector agencies. This new framework is being adapted for use by the Office of the National Data Commissioner, which is developing new legislative and data governance frameworks designed to reduce barriers to access to data held by government while maintaining public trust that sensitive data is only being released and used appropriately. A central and critical element of this will be the 5 Safes Framework, which will provide a basis for the release of government data. The new CADRE platform will enable data owners and users to address the core concerns around governance, creation, management and sharing of sensitive data for research. As a result, Australia’s research sector will have improved access to the data needed to develop solutions to a wide range of public problems.

1 Shared Conceptual Framework
A shared conceptual framework for efficiently and reliably connecting the elements of the 5 Safes – People, Projects, Data, Settings and Outputs, with agreed identifiers and template accreditation protocols for each element.
2 Information Exchange Protocols
Protocols for exchanging identifier and accreditation information between data users, providers and trusted access facilities (based on the Australian Access Federation identity provision model).
3 Access Management Platform
An integrated access management platform for data access requests.
4 Pilot Platform Integrations
Pilot integrations of the CADRE platform in four secure access settings: the ERICA secure access environment (UNSW & AIHW); the Cloudstor and SWAN systems (AARNet); the Data CO-OPS environment (Swinburne) and the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN).
5 Training and Development
A training and development program for CADRE users to raise awareness of and capacity to use the CADRE platform for future research.

Core features

Shared Understanding
An agreed method for implementing the Five Safes Framework, so that the requirements for accessing Australia’s sensitive data are clear.
Research transformation
An infrastructure that will allow researchers to request the data that they need to answer important questions, so that Australia can truly realise the benefits of increased access to government data.

Who is this project for?

  • Research organisations
  • Infrastructure providers
  • Government (state and commonwealth)

What does this project enable?

This project will enable government data providers to share sensitive data with accredited users quickly and efficiently, while managing risk. As a result, Australia’s research sector will have improved access to the data needed to develop solutions to a wide range of public problems.

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