Australian National Persistent Identifier (PID) Strategy and Roadmap

Persistent identifiers (PIDs) are a core component of a national information infrastructure and key to world-class research and innovation. The ARDC is seeking your input to collaboratively develop a National Strategy and 5-year Roadmap for PIDs.
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Australian National Persistent Identifier (PID) Strategy and Roadmap
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1 January to 30 June 2023

Current Phase

In progress

ARDC Co-investment

The Challenge

Persistent identifiers (PIDs) are critical as they provide global methods to uniquely identify and connect entities in the research system such as researchers, funders, organisations, articles, datasets, software and samples.

  • By linking these entities and enabling research provenance and attribution, persistent identifiers lay the foundation for improved tracking of research impact. 
  • By precisely identifying the inputs and outputs of research, PIDs contribute to research integrity. 
  • By linking scientific concepts across systems, they enable research innovation and efficiency.

The 2022 report Incentives to Invest in Identifiers, commissioned by the ARDC and the AAF, showed the benefits of PIDs to research in Australia. It estimates potential savings of up to $24 million per annum along with 38,000 person days that could be freed up from re-keying information that PIDs provide.

The Approach

To realise the potential saving and drive strategic benefit, the ARDC has begun a process to collaboratively develop a National PID Strategy and 5-year Roadmap to accelerate research and innovation through the use of PIDs. Strategy development is being coordinated by the ARDC’s Consultant Linda O’Brien, and an Australian Persistent Identifier Strategy Taskforce has been established. 

The approach to an Australian PID strategy is in part informed by international developments in both research and innovation and the international PID environment. ORCID and DOI, as examples of key PIDs in a national strategy, are international and a national strategy will need to reflect this. ARDC staff are actively engaged in a wide range of PID initiatives internationally including co-chairing the Research Data Alliance National PID Strategies Working Group. This will provide a vital link to the broader environment. 

For more information on ARDC’s approach to PIDs, see the ARDC’s PID policy or contact us.

Australian Persistent Identifier (PID) Strategy Taskforce

Terms of reference

A Taskforce has been established to: 

  1. provide strategic advice to the sector on the development of the National PID Strategy and a 5-year Roadmap
  2. advocate the engagement and commitment of key stakeholders to the development and implementation of the Strategy and Roadmap
  3. provide advice on a suitable governance structure to oversee the implementation of the Strategy and Roadmap
  4. act in accordance with the ARDC Code of Conduct.


Members have been chosen based on their:

  • knowledge of, and involvement in, strategic initiatives in the research and innovation ecosystem, particularly those focussed on connected research, FAIR research and research impact
  • perspectives, which, together, will cover different persistent identifier use cases
  • expertise in persistent identifiers.

Topic-specific working groups will be established to support the work of the Taskforce. Join one or more of the working groups by expressing your interest in this form.

National PID Strategy and Roadmap Workshop

In February 2023, we held a National PID Strategy and Roadmap Workshop as a hybrid event with in-person and online attendance options. View the slides presented at the workshop.

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