Australian Learned Academies Data Interworking Network

Developing coherent policy and planning to drive data-enabled research in Australia
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Who will benefit
Australia’s research community

The Challenge

A coherent data policy and strategic data planning environment, supported by Australia’s research leadership, is a critical enabling component of the national data infrastructure.

As part of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), the Australian Learned Academies Data Interworking Network project is an investment in the national data policy and planning infrastructure.

The Response

The Australian Learned Academies’ Future of Research Data project developed a cohesive agenda across the 5 Academies to support excellent data-enabled research.

It combined the leadership and strategic insights of the Academies with the national data infrastructure expertise of the ARDC.


In June 2022, 6 reports were released that provide insights into the ripe opportunities for progressing and driving Australian research and innovation through data, and guidance on how governments, industry and research institutions can achieve this. Read the reports.

The reports leverage the insights and capabilities of Australia’s leading minds from the Learned Academies, which conducted environmental scans to explore the current state, barriers and opportunities for realising an effective data-enabled research sector. The sixth report, by ACOLA, synthesises insights from across the scans, highlighting common themes, opportunities and needs of multidisciplinary research.

The reports highlight 3 key areas to drive improvements in digital research in Australia:

  1. further investment in data as a public good, but especially for research and innovation
  2. real action is needed to implement the FAIR and CARE principles
  3. there are actions for all stakeholders, in leading change and building capability, to realise Australia’s data-driven future.

The reports support the goals of the project, which are to:

  • support and develop the capabilities of Australia’s Learned Academies to provide leadership, advocacy and planning for data-enabled research
  • share these approaches among Academies for a coherent data policy and planning environment
  • align national research data infrastructure with the strategic needs of Academy research domains
  • identify opportunities for joined-up Academy agendas in support of data-enabled research
  • establish a network of data policy and planning capabilities across the Academies.

Who Will Benefit

The national data policy and planning capability established through the project will benefit all those who work in Australia’s research ecosystem.

That capability will be delivered post-project as part of business as usual activity of Academies with an ongoing partnership with the ARDC.

The Partners

All 5 of Australia’s Learned Academies are participating, which are:

  • Australian Academy of Science
  • Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering
  • Australian Academy of the Humanities
  • Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia
  • Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.

We also welcome the valued assistance of the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA).

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