AgReFed Platform

A platform transforming agricultural research
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Who will benefit
Agricultural researchers, government, research organisations who have a need for agricultural data, farmers’ organisations

The Challenge

Agricultural research data in Australia is currently difficult to find and share. Publicly available datasets, such as remote sensed vegetation data, and compute facilities are also not easily accessible by all researchers.

The Response

The AgReFed Platform project will improve the discoverability of trusted, reusable and analysis-ready agricultural research data across Australia, supporting collaboration and novel insights in research, development and policy.

It will do this through analysis of key use cases to establish the needs of the community, and the subsequent expansion and enhancement of the current AgReFed Platform.

The project involves the following elements:

Enhanced AgReFed Platform

Works will enhance the current AgReFed Platform to include the ability to search and discover trusted, reusable agriculture-related datasets, workflows and models.

FAIRifed platform metadata

Enhance platform’s metadata to improve FAIRness. Data sets will be easier to find, access and use across the sector.

Improved governance for AgReFed

Appropriate governance and consultation/advisory structures helps to meet sector needs through the platform build.

Who Will Benefit

Researchers across disciplines who use a number of agricultural online services, local and federal government, research organisations and farmers’ organisations will benefit from the project’s core features:

  • infrastructure fit for purpose – building Australian agriculture data infrastructure around use cases from the community and driven by FAIR data standards
  • simple access – making it easier for those without technical expertise to search, discover, access, integrate, analyse and package data, models, and data products in a cloud compute environment
  • cross-domain integration of agricultural information – enabling, for example, users to display data from natural capital and economic activity, for policy and decision making.

The Partners

Our partners are:

Target Outcomes

AgReFed enables researchers to search and discover trusted, reusable agriculture-related datasets, workflows and models. This will facilitate data reuse and cross-discipline collaborations for novel research insights and practical applications in policy, reporting and on-ground decision making.

Key Resources

Visit the AgReFed platform.

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