Executive Summary and Additional Background Information

Following the 2018 commonwealth budget, the ARDC (the organisation resulting from the bringing together of ANDS, Nectar, and RDS NCRIS projects) will receive $72.2m of capital investment over a 5 year funding period, as detailed below:

  • 17/18 – $45m
  • 18/19 – $766k
  • 19/20 – $3.56m
  • 20/21 – $10.64m
  • 21/22 – $12.06m

The first tranche of $45m was distributed to the ARDC prior to 30 June 2018, and was equally proportioned across the existing project lead agents of Monash University, the University of Melbourne and The University of Queensland.

From July 1, 2019, the ARDC will operate as a single entity, the nature of which will be determined by the ARDC Interim Board in Q4 2018. Subsequent funding will be provided to the new ARDC legal entity.

To enable the distribution of the first tranche of funding by the 30th of June 2018, the ARDC was asked to develop a brief and high-level Capital Implementation Plan (CIP) between 2 and 5 pages, available here.

At a high level the CIP includes:

  1. Expected alignment with the relevant investment priorities in the 2016 Roadmap and Investment Plan;
  2. Description of major components to be funded, expected timeline(s) for delivery and critical dependencies;
  3. A summary of risks other than those associated with replacing infrastructure;
  4. Consultative activities to be undertaken to ensure alignment with researcher needs;
  5. Expected timelines for delivery, critical dependencies and risks;
  6. A summary of expected costs to be met from Investment Plan funds;
  7. A summary of expected co-investment cash and/or in-kind investment.

The nature of any capital investment by the ARDC will be complex; it will be driven by the ARDC Strategic Plan and partly dependent on the plans of various partner organisations. This will necessitate a comprehensive planning process leading to an ARDC Capital Investment Plan that describes a planned investment over 5 years. The plan will also need to consider how to transition from the current infrastructure state to a new infrastructure state, including any transition arrangements that might be needed.

Accordingly, the CIP sets out the guiding principles by which a comprehensive ARDC Capital Investment Plan will be developed. The planning process for the ARDC Strategic Plan and ARDC Capital Investment Plan will commence in August 2018, when we will announce the details including how partners and stakeholders will be able to engage with the ARDC.

Note: the Australian Research Data Commons was referred to as the Australian Research Data Cloud at time of submission.

Capital Implementation Plan

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