Enabling research insights & supporting collaboration

The overarching aims for the ARDC Platforms and Software strategic theme over the next four years are to:

  • Enable transformative, interdisciplinary, collaborative, reproducible research through the use of advanced software and platforms.
  • Support the creation and maintenance of an innovative, integrated, reliable, high-quality, sustainable and accessible ecosystem of software and services that advances research.
  • Transform practice through:
    • new funder/publisher/institutional policies for software that address challenges of academic culture, open dissemination and use, reproducibility and trust of data/models/simulation, curation and sustainability
    • the creation of a software culture that addresses issues of governance, citation, stewardship, and attribution of software authorship.
  • De-risk the adoption by researchers of new software technologies such as machine learning and blockchain.
  • Empower the current and future diverse workforce of Australian research software developers.

Particular activities such as those listed on this page will be implemented over time to support these aims.

Platforms program

The ARDC is running a program of investment in platforms. An explicit goal of the program will be to increase the number of researchers with access to platforms, both in terms of absolute number and in terms of diversity of disciplines. The program will also seek to support a community of platform operators.

Data-enhanced Virtual Laboratories (DeVL) Extension program

The ARDC is building on the DeVL Continuity funding that was provided in 2018 by providing DeVL Extension funding through to the end of 2019. This is to maintain momentum for existing DeVL investments, and provide employment continuity for core teams. Learn more about our DeVL projects.