Maximising the value of Australia’s data assets

The aims of the Data and Services strategic theme are to:

  • Increase innovation in research through improvements in the quality and quantity of data assets.
  • Increase the integrity and reproducibility of research across the whole research system by increasing the FAIR-ness of the data arising from research.

National Data Assets

Through the National Data Assets initiative and strategic partnerships, the ARDC will establish a portfolio of national scale data assets that support leading-edge research. This initiative has a number of programs to ensure a balanced range of data types, beneficiaries, asset maturities, and research system policy outcomes. Six initial programs include partnerships with research consortia, national infrastructure facilities, research institutions, emerging collections as well as public and private sector stakeholders.

Discovery Activities

The ARDC initiated an open call for Data and Services project proposals to stimulate sector engagement with the ARDC and the shared vision of the future commons.  To read more about the successful discovery activities click here.