Tackling Food Security Data Challenges

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Food security data challenges -sunset over corn fieldsThe Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) is launching Food Security Data Challenges to create digital research infrastructure that promotes food security in Australia.

Long-term strategies are needed to ensure Australia has a resilient and sustainable food industry that maintains its reputation in delivering high quality food nationally and internationally.

Dr Adrian Burton, Director of Data Policy and Services at the ARDC, said, “To ensure research and industry can address the challenges facing food security, we need innovative and high-impact digital infrastructure solutions.

“The new Food Security Data Challenges program will operate at the intersection of research and broader society, to provide tangible and enduring economic, environmental and social benefits to Australia.”

The ARDC will co-invest $4.5million in several Food Security Data Challenges projects. All projects will have a minimum of 1:1 co-investment ratio from partners in each project.

Enhancing food research

Food Security Data Challenges will enhance research into production, supply, consumption and waste related to food. It will encompass agriculture, genomics, manufacturing, transport, supply chain, urban and regional infrastructure, nutrition, waste and health. Initial projects will address one or several of these areas, depending on the outcome of the facilitation process.

The digital infrastructure created through Food Security Data Challenges will accelerate research through integrating with artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, and advanced data analytics.

Food Security Data Challenges will take a participatory design approach to identify opportunities for impactful digital research infrastructure. The ARDC will facilitate collaborative partnerships between government agencies, industry, research institutes and other relevant stakeholders.

We encourage all those interested to register your interest by 19 April 2022. In May and June 2022 the ARDC will host a series of participatory workshops and consultation meetings with registered stakeholders in order to build the collaborative scale and focus of the projects.

Food Security Data Challenges is the second translational research data challenge being run by the ARDC. The first, Bushfire Data Challenges, now has 13 projects underway, developing innovative digital infrastructure solutions to share data to improve Australia’s bushfire resilience, response and recovery.

Learn more about Food Security Data Challenges and register your interest by 19 April 2022.

The ARDC is funded through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) to support national digital research infrastructure for Australian researchers.

Written by Jo Savill, ARDC. Reviewed by Dr Sheida Hadavi (ARDC), Dr Adrian Burton (ARDC).


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