Survey: Exposing Data Management Plans Needs Assessment

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Can researchers benefit by sharing their Data Management Plans (DMPs)? Who else can benefit from wider exposure of some or all of the DMP content? Are there risks involved and, if so, what are those risks and how might they be managed? The University of Notre Dame need your help in establishing a current range of views and experiences in dealing with these issues. You are invited to participate in their brief survey: “Exposing Data Management Plans Needs Assessment”.   

The purpose of this research study is to conduct a needs analysis related to sharing or publishing data management plan content, or extracts, with others who may help implement the plan or benefit in other ways. Your participation in the study will contribute to a better understanding of what tools and/or tool suites would benefit those who aim to better preserve data and software. For further information about this project see the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Exposing Data Management Plans Working Group web presence.    

The study is being conducted by Angus Whyte of Digital Curation Centre, Fiona Murphy of Murphy Mitchell Consulting Ltd, Kathryn Unsworth of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Marie-Christine Jacquemot-Perbal of Institute of Scientific and Technical Information and Natalie Meyers of the University of Notre Dame.

The survey takes 10-20 minutes to complete: