Standardising research data policies

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The Research Data Alliance Interest Group on standardising research data policies, co-chaired by representatives of the Australian Research Data Commons, Springer Nature publishers, Wiley publishers and Jisc UK, have published the preprint of a Research Data Policy Framework for all journals and publishers. The Framework is the result of an extended consultation period with the community of stakeholders involved in RDA.  

The increasing number of data policies from research funders, publishers and institutions has brought challenges to researchers and research support staff because they are numerous and may be conflicting. It has also brought challenges for Editors of scholarly journals in determining what topics a journal data policy should contain.

In an effort to bring clarity to this area, members of the Research Data Alliance formed an Interest Group on standardising research data policies. The Interest Group arranged research data policy features from publishers into a set of six standard tiers or types that can be adapted and adopted by journals to promote good data sharing practices. Policy features include topics on data citation, data repositories, data availability statements, data standards and formats, and peer review of research data. 

The Interest Group has also provided implementation guidelines for the standard research data policies for journals and publishers, along with template policy texts that can be implemented by journals in their information for authors and publishing workflows. 

If you are interested in joining the conversation and efforts to standardise data policies at a global level, consider joining the RDA Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation Interest Group.