Seeking presentation proposals for the Australian eResearch Skilled Workforce Summit

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The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) is pleased to announce that the call for submissions to participate in the upcoming Australian eResearch Skilled Workforce Summit is now open. This summit aims to bring together key stakeholders to collaboratively develop a vision for a digitally skilled research workforce. It is being coordinated by the ARDC, Council of Australasian University Directors of Information Technology (CAUDIT) and Universities Australia (UA).

Submissions are welcomed from individuals, organisations or teams seeking to collaborate on developing aspects of an Australian research workforce composed of both digitally skilled researchers, and research support professionals with digital expertise, to maximise research impact.

Proposals for posters, lightning talks, papers and longer sessions addressing the following themes are encouraged:

  • How could national coordination be improved for the development and delivery of national digital skills training in research data management, software design and utilisation, high performance computing, cloud or related digital infrastructure training programs for researchers and/or research support professionals
  • How can communities or communities of practice to support a particular part of the digitally skilled workforce be developed, extended and/or sustained?
  • What curricula, accreditation and/or standards relevant to a national digitally skilled research workforce agenda  are available, or need to be developed or modified?
  • What policy innovation examples or opportunities are relevant to the development of a digitally skilled workforce (eg changes to funding recognition and organisational employment policy regarding career paths for research support professionals)?
  • What are the best approaches to measurement of the current size and demand, and future demand, for a digitally skilled workforce, particularly research support professionals?
  • How can the impact of programs that contribute to the development of a digitally skilled workforce be measured?

The summit will be held in Sydney on 29 and 30 July 2019. It will open with a strategic overview, including exploring the need for collaborative and coordinated action. Successful submissions will be presented on the second day of the summit, when all participants will have the opportunity to explore the themes and challenges that have been outlined.

Submissions close 25 June 2019. Please submit your proposals via the ARDC submission portal. You can also register to attend the Summit.

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