Research software capability in Australia survey – now open

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Calling all Software Engineers involved in the Australian research sector!

The ARDC is conducting a survey to help understand the scale and distribution of software engineering or development capability within research organisations in Australia.

We aim to obtain an accurate indication of the size of the national workforce involved in supporting research software.

The survey supports the implementation of our National Agenda for Research Software in Australia.

Who should complete the survey?

Group and Project Leaders, Managers, Principal Investigators or Academic Leadership should complete the survey on behalf of their unit, but individuals can also respond on behalf of their unit or team.

We are seeking responses from across the Australian research sector, including research institutions and supporting eInfrastructure providers, such as NCRIS facilities, universities, research centres and institutes, Publicly Funded Research Agencies (PFRAs), and regional/state/national eInfrastructure organisations.

The survey can be completed multiple times, or combine responses over a number of areas. If we receive separate responses from one organisation, we will appropriately combine the responses.

What does the survey ask?

The survey asks you to provide information about research software professionals at your institution, organisation, or group as appropriate.

The survey will take between 5-10 minutes to complete.

The survey contains questions about the size and capability of your group, along with questions about research software management and career progression pathways at your institution.

Please share the survey with other key organisational leaders that you are aware of with research software development activities.

The survey closes on 19 November 2021.

Learn more about our National Agenda for Research Software in Australia.

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