Reducing barriers to federated authentication

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The Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) is providing further investment to expand the capacity of the Australian Access Federation’s (AAF) Rapid identity provider (Rapid IdP).

This increase in capacity means barriers to connecting to research communities will be minimal. The Rapid IdP provides a simple way for researchers in organisations of all sizes  to access shared infrastructure and platforms. In addition, the Rapid IdP will expand the reach and breadth of research collaboration in Australia and internationally by simplifying the process for resource, service and platform providers to offer their products to the research community.

“We are pleased to provide investment towards this accelerator activity. Our investment supports the development of a strategic and technology roadmap and accelerates implementations to ensure Australia’s research identity platform can evolve to meet emerging requirements of the Australian research community,” Ian Duncan, Acting Executive Director, ARDC said.

The ARDC has committed $900k toward the acceleration of the Australian Access Federation Rapid identity provider (IdP) project.

Learn about the impact of Rapid IdP for Australian research institutions [Feb 2021].

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