International collaboration produces FAIR Data & Software resources

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Thanks to the spectacular efforts of the participants of a global sprint workshop, the Top 10 FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) Data & Software Things have been developed to share with the research community. It took people from eight countries spanning over 20 organisations working together to produce the innovative content. The newly developed resources represent a significant step forward in the support, understanding and potential adoption of FAIR principles internationally. Although these resources will continue to evolve over time, they are available for people to use, distribute and repurpose as needed through the Library Carpentry website and GitHub.

The Top 10 FAIR Data & Software Global Sprint hosted by the ARDC and Library Carpentry was held virtually over a two day period in late November 2018. Participants from around the world were invited to help develop brief guides (stand alone, self paced training materials), called "Things", that can be used by the research community to better understand FAIR in domain specific contexts, as well as providing talking points for future discussions.

A published version of the Things is available via Zenodo, where you can cite and give credit to the sprinters.

More information about the Sprint itself is available on the Library Carpentry blog.