Connecting the image analysis community via the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory

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The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL) Desktop is a free cloud-based virtual environment used to perform analysis of complex image and microscopy data. It is developed by the Characterisation Data enhanced Virtual Laboratory (CDeVL) project, an Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) funded initiative, that is building rich online environments for characterisation in the cloud and on High Performance Computing platforms for specific scientific domains; extending data processing workflows to cover a broader range of imaging instruments and developing a national network of characterisation informatics experts with expertise in research software engineering and domain specific skills. The CDeVL project will continue operation and improvements to the CVL Desktop and associated middleware.

With these new features and improvements, comes the need to build a national training network and program of work. This is where the CVL Champions Program 2019 comes in. The program aims to create a community of researchers, university lecturers, and bioimaging professionals, and have them take part in a skills development program to uplift data skills across characterisation users. The program will enhance the national characterisation computing infrastructure and apply the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data principles to research workflows, by upskilling the champions for continuation of these goals. The FAIR principles are designed to support knowledge discovery and innovation both by humans and machines, support data and knowledge integration, promote sharing and the reuse of data and research outputs.

Becoming a CVL Champion includes benefits such as:

  • Access to networking, advanced skills development in training methodologies and FAIR research outputs, and demonstrates service to the profession.
  • Access to ready-to-use materials and knowledge required to confidently re-deliver similar workshops from the Program in their own institutions.
  • Working with like-minded experts to become community exemplars.

Applications for the Program open on 18 June 2019 with a closing date of 31 July 2019. Read more about the CVL Champion Program including how to apply.

You can also learn more about the ARDC’s role in the CDeVL project and how we are working together with our partners to benefit Australian researchers.

The CVL is funded by the ARDC and supported by MASSIVE in partnership with Monash University, Microscopy Australia, Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, National Imaging Facility, and the Universities of Sydney, Queensland, Western Australia and Wollongong.

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