Calling for EOIs in the ARDC’s Platforms and Australian Data Partnerships programs

Are you interested in developing research-oriented platforms that provides researchers access to tools and services to transform and accelerate their research? Or are you interested in creating national-scale data assets to support leading edge research? On Tuesday 7 July 2020, the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) is opening its call for expressions of interest (EOIs) in both our 2020 Platforms and the Australian Data Partnerships programs.

The broad scope for the 2020 Platforms program is about providing solutions that enable researchers to collect or generate data, analyse those data, and produce outputs that can be made Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR). In particular, we want to develop transformative platforms that will enable radical changes in the way research is conducted, or dramatically increase the speed in which research is done.

Part of our 2020 Platforms program is to also build a community of platform developers and managers to share good practice, continual learning and alignment with national infrastructure initiatives. This community will be used to help identify opportunities for greater national coordination and service delivery.

If you require a more data-focused activity look no further than the Australian Data Partnerships program, one of six programs in our National Data Assets initiative and by far the largest and most fundamental program within the initiative. The aim of this program is to support the establishment and development of data assets that are national in scale, that is:

  • have data from multiple organisations
  • have data consumed by researchers, policy makers, industry, NGOs from multiple organisations
  • have governance arrangements over the data that include multiple organisations

To realise the research benefits from such national-scale data assets we are investing in multi-party collaborations. Research communities and institutions bring stewardship, ‘ownership’ and longevity to the table and are complemented by our ability to catalyse change and bring national data assets to a new national level of research application.

Our Platforms and Australian Data Partnerships programs have complementary emphases in supporting leading edge research and will, where possible, leverage each other to provide world-leading outcomes.

Get involved and help us build a national data commons. Attend our 2020 Platforms Open Call Q&A Webinar and hear from our first round of platforms projects to find out more about our Platforms program.

Our Australian Data Partnerships program will have a Q&A webinar in the coming weeks. Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.


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