Announcing successful projects for the ARDC HASS Research Data Commons and Indigenous Research Capability Program

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HASS projects supportedWe are pleased to announce 3 projects that will be supported by the ARDC Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) Research Data Commons and Indigenous Research Capability Program. The 3 project plans underwent community consultation, were evaluated by the ARDC and the program Advisory Panel and approved by the ARDC Board.

Jenny Fewster, Program Manager for the HASS Research Data Commons said, “I’d like to thank the HASS community for their involvement and considered feedback on the project plan consultation. We had over 130 people register for the roundtable consultation, and received dozens of written feedback submissions, all of which contributed to thorough examination and assessment of the project plans.”

The 3 funded projects are:

Developing the Linguistics Data Commons of Australia
Led by Professor Michael Haugh, School of Languages and Cultures, University of Queensland.
This platform will capitalise on existing infrastructure, rescue vulnerable and dispersed collections, and link with improved analysis environments for new research outcomes.

Integrated social sciences research infrastructure
Led by Dr. Steven McEachern, Director, Australian Data Archive, Centre for Social Research and Methods, Australian National University.
This platform will expand existing social sciences initiatives and provide a coordinated governance model for access to data. It will improve the capacity of researchers to access, preserve and disseminate quantitative and qualitative social sciences data sources, and will drive the development of systems and tools for capturing new and emerging real time, or near real time, data.

Supporting Indigenous Research Capability
Led by Professor Marcia Langton, Associate Provost and Foundation Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies, Co-Chair Indigenous Data Network, University of Melbourne.
As part of the Australian Government investment, the ARDC will also work in collaboration with the Indigenous Data Network (IDN) at the University of Melbourne to support the consolidation and expansion of its technological, training and governance initiatives.

Learn more about the 3 projects and read the project plans.

Developing a Trove researcher platform for advanced research

The original Project Plan for the Trove researcher platform opened for community consultation on 8 September 2021. Following feedback from the community, the Activity Leader and project team decided to redraft the plan to better address researcher needs and broaden partnerships.

The new timeline for consultation on the Trove researcher platform is detailed below. The consultation period will close on 17 November 2021. It will then be evaluated by the ARDC and the program Advisory Panel, and a decision will be shared in mid-December.

The consultation process for the Trove research platform project plan is:

  • 5 November 2021 - revised project plan and video published for consultation
  • 10 November, 3-4pm AEDT - Roundtable to seek further feedback on the Trove project plan, look at whether researcher needs are being met by the plans, and identify any capability gaps and note them to inform any future investment. Advisory Panel will be in attendance. Register now.
  • 17 November COB - submissions close for feedback on the Trove project plan.
  • Mid-December - decision on project plan will be shared.

Visit the Trove research platform project for more information.

To keep up to date with the HASS Research Data Commons and Indigenous Research Capability program, please register your interest via the form at the bottom of the program page.

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