ARDC-Sponsored Awards and Prizes

Discover the ARDC-supported awards and prizes for research software engineers and projects.
ARDC-Sponsored Awards and Prizes

The ARDC is proud to sponsor awards for research software and research software engineers in all stages of their careers. The goal of the awards is to strengthen the recognition of research software and those who develop and maintain it as being vital to modern research.

All ARDC-sponsored awards for 2023 have closed. Our sponsorship of awards continues next year.

Awards Opening in 2024

  • Entries open: Late 2023 / Early 2024
  • Who should apply: early career researchers who have produced or contributed to new astronomy software

The Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA) has launched the Emerging Leaders in Astronomy Software Development Prize, sponsored by the ARDC.

  • The 2023 winner is Dr Manodeep Sinha.
  • Learn more about this award on the ASA website.

  • Entries open: February 2024
  • Who should apply: developers and maintainers of research software

Sponsored and presented by the ARDC, the Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Excellence in Research Software is awarded for the development, maintenance or extension of software that has enabled significant new scientific research.

  • Entries open: first half of 2024
  • Who should apply: new software developers from academia, industry or government working on developing open source software for Ecology.

The Ecological Society of Australia has an ARDC-sponsored award for New Developers of Open Source Software in Ecology.

  • Entries open: first half of 2024
  • Who should apply: new developers of open source software for data analytics

The Statistical Society of Australia (SSA) Bill Venables Award is for new developers of open source software for data analytics, sponsored by the ARDC.

  • Opening: second half of 2024
  • Who should apply: early and mid-career developers of bioinformatics software

This award from The Australian Bioinformatics And Computational Biology Society (ABACBS), sponsored by the ARDC, recognises an outstanding EMCR bioinformatics software developer from the Australian community with a view to promoting further efforts to develop and share bioinformatics methodologies.

  • Opening: second half of 2024
  • Who should apply: maintainers of bioinformatics software
This award from ABACBS recognises bioinformaticians from the Australian community who provide outstanding levels of support and maintenance for widely used bioinformatics software.  This award aims to promote efforts amongst our community members to document, maintain and support high-quality bioinformatics software.

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