Tech Talk 6 – Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment

2pm AEDT

CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) offer software development teams enhanced services for making code changes more easily and reliably. In Tech Talk 6, we hear how two teams do their flavour of CI / CD.

Presenter: James Tocknell, Software Developer/Data Scientist, Macquarie AAO (OrcID)

James Tocknell works within the Research Data and Software (RDS) team at the AAO (Australian Astronomical Optics), Macquarie University. The RDS team provides the Data Central science platform for astronomers and research teams, software development for cutting edge optical astronomical instrumentation, and is developing the latest version of the FAIMS data acquisition app. When not finishing up his PhD on outflows from protoplanetary discs, James maintains a number of open source projects, including the h5py package.

James will cover how the AAO (as a software team), h5py (as an open source project), and I (as an individual and researcher) use CI/CD, and compare and contrast the use of self-hosted vs commercial CI/CD hosted services.

Presenter: James Dempsey, Senior Software Developer, CASDA, CSIRO (OrcID)

James works in CSIRO Information Services Application team. He specialises in scientific data management, particularly astronomy data, and led the development of CSIRO's Data Access Portal (DAP) and CSIRO ASKAP Science Data Archive (CASDA).

Successfully releasing software is hard to do. So, the approach CSIRO take is to automate it and do it often. This is where continuous integration and continuous delivery come in. I’ll walk you through what CSIRO do with DAP and CASDA to keep our releases easy.


Target Audience:

Developers and technical experts working within these projects to design and implement the required solutions. The target audience is not end-users, researchers, or managers - although anyone with an interest in the technicalities is welcome.

Data Management Planning interest group

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