Storage and Compute Infrastructure Summit

21 Oct 2019
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane.
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The Summit brings together stakeholders developing the underpinning infrastructures that power research with a view to developing coherent national data systems. The summit provides an opportunity to engage with your colleagues in research organisations, groups and providers that have been busy investigating the questions, issues, current and future trends, gaps and requirements related to research storage and compute infrastructure as part of the ARDC Discovery Activity program. Each of the projects from the Storage and Compute Discovery Activities will present short talks and posters detailing the outcomes and findings. There will also be facilitated discussion sessions on topics of relevance related to future planning for research storage and compute infrastructure.

The summit is listed as a pre-conference workshop and registration is free via the eResearch Australasia registration process. While the ARDC supports and recommends you attend the eResearch Australasia conference, Australia’s premier eResearch meeting, this is not a requirement for attending the Summit.

The ARDC Data and Services summit will take place in parallel on Monday 21 October at the same venue.