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We are pleased to announce Meeting 3 of the Sensitive Data Community of Practice (CofP) which will provide an opportunity for interested persons to discuss challenges and strategies for managing sensitive data. The idea for a Sensitive Data Community of Practice came out of the 'Sensitive data: how do you do yours?' eResearch Australasia Birds of a Feather session (2018), where a large number of delegates indicated an interest in continuing a discussion around sensitive data. See the Sensitive Data community document.

Previous Meetings: Meeting 1 | Meeting 2

Meeting 3

This month, we will have an interactive session to unpick current challenges in managing sensitive data, and prioritise these in order to set an agenda for our community discussions over the next 12 months.

We will be using a simple survey for community input, with an ability to vote on the priority of these issues. The outcome will provide the sensitive data community of practice organisers with a framework which can be used to deliver a series of meetings on the topics of most interest to the communtiy.

Please share your sensitive data needs and priorities using the poll (including anonymously) here - There will be an opportunity to discuss the topics, and their assigned priority.

Who would benefit from attending

For those in the Research, Government or Medical community who work with sensitive data, and wish to better manage, store, analyse and collaborate on that data safely.

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