Sensitive Data community of practice

We are pleased to announce Meeting 2 of the Sensitive Data Community of Practice (CofP) which will provide an opportunity for anyone interested to discuss the challenges and strategies for managing this type of data. The idea for a Sensitive Data Community of Practice came out of the 'Sensitive data: how do you do yours?' eResearch Australasia Birds of a Feather session (2018), where several people in the room indicated an interest in continuing a discussion around sensitive data. See the Sensitive Data community document.
This month, Dr Phillip Gould, from the Office of the National Data Commissioner will provide a short presentation. This is timely due to the release on 19 March of the ONDC's release - Building Trust through the Data Sharing Principles, and the Data Sharing Principles Best Practice Guide - Sharing Data Safely.

Who: Dr. Phillip Gould, Assistant Secretary, Office of the National Data Commissioner, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

Title: Key reforms to Australia’s national data system

The Office of the National Data Commissioner will be responsible for implementing a simpler data sharing and release framework to break down barriers which prevent efficient use and reuse of data, while maintaining strong security and privacy protection that the community expects. A new Data Sharing and Release Act will streamline the processes for sharing public sector data and improve data safeguards.

Then there will be plenty of time for discussion and Q&A.

Who would benefit from attending

For those in the Research, Government or Medical community who work with sensitive data, but wish to better manager or share that data safely.

For more information, contact: richard.ferrers -at- frankie.stevens -at-


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