RSE Asia Australia Unconference 2022

We invite you to join us for the first online Research Software Engineer (RSE) Asia Australia Unconference from the 14th to the 16th of September 2022. This is a joint partnership between the newly formed RSE Asia Association and the RSE Australia New Zealand Association. We would also like to thank our key partners ARDC and QCIF for supporting us.

What is a Research Software Engineer?
Research Software Engineer is a broad term for people who combine programming and research skills that have trouble defining their role and value within academia. e.g researchers and academics who code, generalists who bring communities together across the research and technical domains, systems administrators who maintain research systems, and software engineers who work in the research domain.

Why participate?
This will be run as a participant-first online unconference to ensure you have a say on how we develop the community and to allow you to share your valuable technical and social knowledge of research software with the community. In line with that, the theme for this year’s unconference is “Building community”.

Together, we can create a sustainable community that benefits research software engineers by raising recognition and building career paths for RSEs, and ultimately contributes to more efficient and reproducible research.

Registration details will be announced on the 27th of June, with registrations closing 19th of August.

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