Managing disasters through improved data-driven decision-making (3DM) & Operational Readiness Levels (ORLs)

11 Jul 2019
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Presenter: Dave Jones, Founder & CEO of StormCenter Communications, Applications Futurist & Former Broadcast Meteorologist for NBC in Washington, DC

Emergency Operations personnel need trustworthy data to inform decision making. Monitoring of events using the best information available is critical to take action quickly. Dave will describe an ongoing successful collaboration between data providers (Earth Science Information Partners, ESIP) and emergency responders (All Hazards Consortium, AHC), that has developed and implemented a trusted data designation method, the Operational Readiness Level, ORL, that enables rapid decision making. The Sensitive Information Sharing Environment (SISE), a working group within the AHC, composed of emergency managers at state agencies and utilities, access a SISE dashboard for situational awareness. The dashboard resides on an interoperability system called GeoCollaborateĀ®, that provides real time data sharing and collaboration across disparate systems to create a collaborative common operating picture (C-COP). The SISE dashboard is used for exercises, real time operations, planning and response to disasters for utilities to restore power more efficiently.

Dave will describe the governance behind the ORL evolution and demonstrate the real-time data sharing environment enabled through GeoCollaborateĀ® in this webinar.