Library Carpentry

5 Feb 2019
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Teaching data science skills to researchers and people working in library and information-related roles

Presented by Christopher Erdmann

In July 1998, Los Alamos National Laboratory hosted the very first Carpentries course, led by John Reynders, Brent Gorda, and Greg Wilson. After running several courses thereafter, the lessons they learned highlighted the growing demand from the research community for training in basic computing skills and that traditional educational opportunities did not entirely address these needs. Fast forward to 2018, there continues to be a tremendous demand from the research community to learn new computational approaches and improve their workflows leading to the growth of The Carpentries. Since 2012, The Carpentries has seen 58 Trainers badged and 1,480 Instructors certified who have taught 1,332 Carpentries workshops reaching over 37,000 learners in 44 countries. This talk will describe what we teach, why and how we teach it, the impact it’s having, and what we’re planning to do next.

About the presenter
Christopher Erdmann is an author, developer, and experimenter in the areas of digital libraries, social networking, library UX, interactive technologies, bibliometrics, and data services in libraries. He is currently the Library Carpentry Community and Development Director at The Carpentries and the California Digital Library. Chris will be working with the Library Carpentry community and The Carpentries to start mapping out the infrastructure for growing the community, formalizing lesson development processes, expanding its pool of instructors, and inspiring more instructor trainers to meet the demand for Library Carpentry workshops around the globe and thus reach new regions and communities. He has previously worked for organizations such as North Carolina State University, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, European Southern Observatory, Supreme Court of the US, United Nations, University of Washington, Smithsonian, and CNET.

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