eResearch NZ 2021

In 2021, our theme of Level UP focuses on the increasing speed, agility, scale, and collaboration required in research today, which has become even more important with the impact that COVID-19 has had on research across the globe. It speaks to how we respond to chaotic shifts in the research environment, whether influenced by emerging technologies, government funding calls, or focused ‘future proofing’ to ensure research projects are resilient and sustainable. Level UP also recognises the value and importance of skills training, professional development, and mentoring for keeping researchers and research communities adaptable and innovative. So join us in Wellington and online from 10-12 February 2021 to collect new experience points and Level UP.

  • In-person registration closes 3 Feb
  • Virtual registration closes 9 Feb

The ARDC are involved in a number of sessions including:


DateSessionARDC author/co-author
11 Feb, 13:30ARDC Data Retention Project: Building the Foundation of Impact in eResearch InfrastructureDr J Max Wilkinson
11 Feb, 16:00If you liked it then you shoulda put on a PID on it BoF SessionNatasha Simons, Siobhann McCafferty
12 Feb, 12:20The Research Data Alliance – A Global Collaboration Forum to Tackle Data ChallengesStefanie Kethers, Andrew Treloar
12 Feb, 13:30ResBaz: joining the dots for sustainable community effortLiz Stokes, Matthias Liffers

Sharing Approaches to Implementing the Data Guide at MRIs Workshop

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PIDapalooza 2021

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