Data and Services Summit

The Data and Services Summit brings together stakeholders involved or interested in developing a more coherent national data system and provides an opportunity to hear from research organisations/groups and service providers who participated in the Data and Services Discovery Activities. Short talks and posters detailing the outcomes and findings of each project will be presented and will cover topics from participants who have dived deep into topics related to:

  • Building or sustaining community ownership of collections
  • Content strategies for transformative FAIR collections
  • Data standardisation in transformative data collections
  • Models of institutional participation for sustainable national and community collections
  • Institutional data infrastructure, policies and procedures to support better research
  • Management of sensitive data
  • Integration of institutionally supported data infrastructure with national, discipline, and international infrastructure.

The summit is listed as a pre-conference workshop and registration is free via the eResearch Australasia registration process. While the ARDC supports and recommends you attend the eResearch Australasia conference, Australia’s premier eResearch meeting, this is not a requirement for attending the Summit.

The ARDC Storage and Compute Summit will take place in parallel on Monday 21 October at the same venue.

Registration has now closed.

Storage and Compute Infrastructure Summit

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Enabling FAIR Data in the Earth & Space Sciences

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