Building data savvy data stewards

Nail the skills you need!

The role of libraries and librarians in supporting good data practice is rapidly evolving. Are you data savvy and ready for 2019? Do you and your team have the skills and tool-kit needed to support research data management in your organisation now and into the future?

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The ARDC is excited to offer this workshop featuring guest presenter Chris Erdmann, Library Carpentry Community and Development Director, California Digital Library. Join us to hear from Chris about the role librarians can play in good data practices, why The Carpentries are a great vehicle for RDM engagement and how you can get involved in this global community of people who help others to become more data savvy.

During the morning, learn how the ARDC can help you and your team take the next steps in becoming more data savvy. Map your own skills journey or chart a data skills plan for your team. Network with colleagues and share your ideas. This session will ensure you start 2019 with fresh ideas and a clear plan for the next steps in your data journey.

After lunch, kick start your data skills journey and get hands-on with the Library Carpentry OpenRefine module!

Library Carpentry is a global community teaching software and data skills to people working in library and information-related roles. Join a Library Carpentry lesson that introduces OpenRefine, a software program that helps with transforming, cleaning, filtering, and analysing data files. OpenRefine is described as “a power tool for working with messy data” and in this lesson, you’ll learn how it can be used to standardize and clean data.

Please bring your own laptop.

This workshop is free to attend. Morning tea and a light lunch will be provided.

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