ARDC Leadership Series: Sharing Sensitive and Identifiable Human Data

The ARDC Leadership Series is a new event series providing decision makers in academia, government and industry with the opportunity to work through the big data challenges impacting researchers in Australia.

At the series debut on 3 May 2022, leaders, influencers and decision makers will come together to address challenges and form actionable solutions for sharing sensitive and identifiable human data.

Topics include

  • Key blockers and enablers for sharing sensitive and identifiable human data
  • Opportunities for streamlining sensitive data sharing and collaboration
  • Possibilities of a coordinated approach among Australian research organisations, using an exemplar case study.

The conversation will be led by the following leading thinkers, meet the Facilitator and Panellists: 


  • Prof Joe Shapter, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Research Infrastructure, The University of Queensland


  • Prof Peter Soyer, MRFF-NG Practitioner Fellow, The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr Phillip Gould, First Assistant Secretary, Health Economics and Research Division at Australian Department of Health
  • Ms Marion Hemphill, General Counsel, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood
  • Dr Merran Smith, Chief Executive, The Population Health Research Network (PHRN)
  • Prof Sotiris Vardoulakis, Centre for Public Health Data and Policy, The Australian National University (ANU)

This will be a hybrid format meeting and it would be great to see you in person at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). If you are able to attend please register for the in-person session by 22 April (places are limited) or the virtual session by 29 April. Guests who can join us in person in Sydney are invited to have lunch with us before the meeting starts.

If you are responsible for strategic direction, decision-making, and resource allocation within your research organisation, this series is designed for you and we would love to have your input and involvement. 

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