ARCOS Symposium

Bringing together the ARCOS Community and more to share use cases and contribute to the development of ARCOS

About this event
The Symposium aims to bring those involved in the Australian Research Container Orchestration Service (ARCOS) and other interested parties together to facilitate community building, discuss group use cases in more detail and to learn about the solutions and services being implemented.

Learnings from these discussions will be fed back into the ARCOS working groups and will contribute to the development of ARCOS services.

Why attend?

  • Hear from research groups and organisations across Australia and internationally on how they are using containers and Kubernetes
  • Meet experts and make new connections, and join the community of people who are working in containers and Kubernetes for research
  • Contribute to the design of new services, and help shape community activities like training and expertise sharing.

Who should attend?
Current ARCOS members as well as anyone within the Australian research sector developing Kubernetes and container solutions.

Featured speakers

  • Dr Gabriel Noaje, Senior Solutions Architect, NVIDIA Corporation
  • Enol Fernández, Cloud Solutions Manager, EGI Foundation
  • Dr Steffen Bollman, Research Fellow, University of Queensland

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