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Vocabulary Symposium 2022

Join a symposium aimed to raise awareness of vocabulary and classification use in Australia and to share current experiences and future requirements.
A banner showing a conference hall full of people. A person is speaking at the lectern with two people sitting on the stage. The banner text reads “Vocabulary Symposium 2022: Vocabularies across domains and cross-domain vocabularies, register now, 14 to 15 November 2022, in-person and online.” The banner shows the logos of the Australian Data Archive, the Australian Research Data Commons, and CO DATA, the International Science Council Committee on Data.

About the Event

This symposium brings together users, creators and publishers of vocabularies across multiple domains and sectors in Australia. Delegates will share current experiences and future requirements as we collectively move towards a state of FAIR vocabularies that underpin cross-domain data reuse.

Anyone with an interest in vocabularies is welcome to participate. The event will be of particular interest to researchers, data managers, vocabulary publishers, librarians and policy developers across the research, government and industry sectors.

The symposium will be held online and in person, on 14 and 15 November 2022. Participation is free of charge. Register now >

The symposium will be headlined by plenary presentations on the future of vocabulary and classification management in Australia and internationally, both within and across domains.

The symposium is oriented around five themes:

  1. cross-domain vocabularies in practice
  2. extending vocabulary use across domains
  3. current best practices in vocabulary management and governance in Australia
  4. vocabulary services and technologies
  5. social and institutional challenges and opportunities in the adoption of vocabularies.

Day 1 theme: A series of presentations on vocabularies that are being used widely across or between domains, or work that is being done to promote re-use or particular vocabularies.

Day 2 theme: A series of presentations on strategies, systems and tools: solutions for the discovery and re-use of trusted vocabularies within and across domains.

This is a hybrid event. Please choose the correct ticket type when registering. Both the online and in-person registration is free of charge.

This event is supported by the Australian Data Archive, Australian Research Data Commons, and CODATA, the International Science Council Committee on Open Data.

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