Power Up Your Research: Getting Started With Nectar Research Cloud

Learn the basics of using the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud for your research.
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About the Event

Does your computer struggle with your research workload? Whether it’s data analysis, simulation or other computing work, the ARDC Nectar Research Cloud could be your answer. This service allows you to access much faster computers via the Cloud to get your work done. No worries about your research applications, whether it’s Jupyter Notebooks/Python or Rstudio and others, these are available too.

During this online session participants will learn the following with hands-on experience:

  • where to find support
  • how to Navigate the Nectar Dashboard
  • how to set up and launch a Cloud Computer
  • connecting to your Cloud Computer using the Command Line
  • moving files to and from your Cloud Computer
  • a brief overview of the administration involved (Project Trials, Allocations Forms).

A Zoom link will be sent to registered participants prior to the training. The session is not recorded.

Please sign up using your University or institutional email.

Your trainer is Sonia Ramza.

Have questions? Email [email protected].