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Planet Research Data Commons Consultation Roundtables

Roundtable discussion on developing national-scale data infrastructure for environmental research and decision making
Overhead view of Hinchinbrook island waterways and mangroves

About the Event

The ARDC would like to invite environmental researchers and decision makers to a consultation roundtable for the Planet Research Data Commons.

The Planet Research Data Commons will deliver shared, accessible data and digital research tools that will help researchers and decision makers tackle the big challenges facing our environment, which include adapting to climate change, saving threatened species, and reversing ecosystem deterioration.

We invite environmental researchers and decision makers to get involved in the consultations for the Planet Research Data Commons to help guide the development of the new digital research infrastructure.

The Planet Research Data Commons is the second of 2 pilot Thematic Research Data Commons launching in the 2022-23 financial year with an initial budget of $15.8m. The first pilot, the People Research Data Commons, is focused on digital research infrastructure for health research. The Planet Research Data Commons will explore the digital research infrastructure needs for research challenges set out in the 2021 National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, including environment and climate resilience.

The Planet Research Data Commons will support environmental researchers to develop cross-sector and multi-disciplinary data collaborations on a national scale. It will integrate underpinning compute, storage infrastructure and services with analysis platforms and tools that are supported by expertise, standards and best practices. And it will bring together data from a range of sources to tackle the big questions.

Session Highlights

  • Introduce the Planet Research Data Commons program and its desired outcomes.
  • Seek community feedback on environmental data challenges and prioritise key outcomes.
  • Discuss the scope, scale and focus of the digital capabilities delivered through projects and enduring services.
  • Identify technological barriers and opportunities that can be addressed by the Planet Research Data Commons for national impact.

A briefing paper and a list of consultation questions will be provided to roundtable participants prior to the event.

Learn more about the Planet Research Data Commons.

Who Should Get Involved

We invite all those involved in environmental research and decision making to participate in the consultation roundtables. That includes:

  • Researchers from across the environmental sciences: ecologists (terrestrial, freshwater and marine), ecological modellers, marine scientists, ecological economists, conservation scientists, soil scientists, climate scientists, agricultural scientists, geoscientists, botanists, zoologists, urban planners, urban ecologists
  • Indigenous knowledge holders and land, water and sea Country managers
  • Industry – environmental management and planning
  • Governments at all levels – policy makers, decision makers, analysts
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Researchers from universities, research institutions and private companies.

The ARDC will develop and deliver digital research infrastructure in the Planet Research Data Commons through collaborative partnerships with Australian organisations, including the public and private sector, research institutions (such as universities and publicly funded research agencies), research infrastructure providers such as NCRIS facilities, and other relevant stakeholders.

More Information

There will be 3 repeat sessions. Please register for one only. Each session will be recorded and made available for all registrants after the session.

Registrants will be added to the Planet Research Data Commons mailing list for updates on the program.

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A recording of the 10 October session is now available:

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7 October 2022 - 12 October 2022


2 to 4 pm on 7 October / 10 am to 12 noon on 10 October / 10 am to 12 noon on 12 October (all times in AEDT)


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