Planet Research Data Commons and the Impact of Being Involved in the RDA

Hear about the ARDC Planet Research Data Commons, and the influence of the Research Data Alliance on developing it and other data initiatives.
Overhead view of the meandering waterways and mangroves in the Hinchinbrook Island region

About the Event

Join us for an exciting opportunity to explore the development of the ARDC Planet Research Data Commons (Planet RDC), through which shared data and digital research tools are revolutionising our ability to confront the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. Whether the challenge is adapting to climate change, saving endangered species or reversing ecosystem degradation, our mission is to empower researchers and decision makers alike with the data and tools they need to make a real difference.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and their Working Groups, there are many practical approaches to making data and tools interoperable, which have laid the foundations for the creation of the Planet RDC.

At this webinar, you’ll have the chance to hear directly from the ARDC Director of the Planet RDC and other figures who have played a vital role in making earth sciences, environmental and agricultural data FAIR.

Join us and discover the benefits of learning about the RDA, where collaboration, innovation and passion are at the heart of everything.


The speakers include the following:

  • Hamish Holewa, Director of the Planet RDC, ARDC
  • Dr Elizabeth Wenk, AusTraits
  • Dr Lesley Wyborn, Honorary Professor Geoinformatics and Geoscience, ANU
  • Dr Christiane Bahlo, Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI)
  • Dr Andrew Treloar, Director of Platforms and Software, ARDC.

Who Should Attend?

Researchers from across the environmental sciences are encouraged to attend this webinar. These include:

  • ecologists (terrestrial, freshwater and marine)
  • ecological modellers
  • marine scientists
  • ecological economists
  • conservation scientists
  • soil scientists
  • climate scientists
  • agricultural scientists
  • geoscientists
  • botanists
  • zoologists
  • urban planners
  • urban ecologists.

Researchers from universities, research institutions and private companies are welcome.


A recording of this evenet is now available:

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28 June 2023


3 to 4 pm (AEST)





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