Introduction to Workflows in opendata.fit: Running a Small Angle Scattering Data Analysis

Join an online workshop introducing workflows on the opendata.fit platform.
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About the Event

opendata.fit is a web-based data analysis and publication platform developed as part of the Australian Characterisation Commons at Scale (ACCS) project. It focuses on improving reproducibility in research and supporting FAIR data principles.

opendata.fit aims to provide users with a simple platform to manage scientific analysis workflows and datasets from development to publication. It provides tooling to upload instrument data, execute analysis algorithms in the cloud, visualise results, and publish complete workflows as citable entities. It currently supports execution of any Python-based analysis algorithm.

In this online workshop the opendata.fit team will introduce the opendata.fit platform in the context of running a small angle scattering analysis using the SasView Python library. Topics will include:

  • introduction to the opendata.fit platform
  • how opendata.fit leverages the Frictionless data specification to package data analyses into a standardised, FAIR format
  • how to use a workflow on the platform to analyse small angle scattering data.

About the Australian Characterisation Commons at Scale (ACCS)

The Australian Characterisation Commons at Scale (ACCS) project aims to help microscopy facilities store and manage their increasingly large quantities of data in line with the FAIR princples. It does so by providing tools, best-practice guides, specialised training, and knowledge sharing.

The ACCS will deliver a rich ecosystem of computing systems, data repositories, workflows and services, connected with instruments, for researchers who use characterisation techniques or imaging collections and for facility scientists who run instruments.


18 April 2023


2 to 3 pm (AEST)





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Australian Characterisation Commons at Scale (ACCS)