ARDC Leadership Series: Trusted Research Environments for Health and Medical Research

Join this second of the 2023 ARDC Leadership forums to hear thought leaders discuss trusted research environments (TREs) for sensitive health and medical data.
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About the Event

Health and medical data is by nature extremely sensitive, and the national data landscape for health research is rich, diverse and complex, spanning multiple sectors, jurisdictions and data types. Yet in this data, huge potential is hidden for improving Australian healthcare.

To achieve this potential, researchers will need access to the relevant data through a trusted secure platform, which will allow them to perform cutting-edge research while protecting the data from unauthorised access and being taken off the platform.

Several trusted secure research environments are now being developed for this purpose with varying scopes and purposes, but the landscape and the opportunities provided by these platforms are still evolving.

In this Leadership forum, you’ll hear from thought leaders including researchers, data contributors from both industry and government, and providers of trusted secure platforms on the challenges facing these platforms and the benefits they have to offer.

This is one in a series of Leadership forums that the ARDC is organising in 2023. These forums provide decision makers in academia, government and industry with the opportunity to work through some of the data challenges facing Australia’s researchers.


  • Professor Joanna Batstone, Professor and Director, Monash Data Futures Institute
  • Rosie Hicks, Chief Executive Officer, ARDC
  • Dr Charmaine Tam, Senior Consultant, Telstra Health (an industry provider of research data)
  • Professor Dougie Boyle, Professor, Clinical Data Analytics, University of Melbourne (a platform provider)
  • Professor Jim Buttery, Group Leader, Health Informatics, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (an academic user of research data)
  • Associate Professor Bernie Pope, Bioinformatics Lead, Melbourne Bioinformatics, The University of Melbourne and Associate Director (Human Genome Informatics), Australian BioCommons


The forum will begin with a panel session, followed by a Q&A session facilitated by a moderator.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior leadership in research organisations, government and industry and research infrastructure organisations interested in the challenges in contributing to, building and using TREs

What You Will Gain

Attendees will achieve a greater understanding of TREs, what can already be used, and the key considerations in contributing to, providing or using such environments.


A recording of this evenet is now available alongside a recap:

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5 September 2023


2 to 4 pm (AEST)




Room 1007, The Woodward Conference Center, Level 10, Melbourne Law School, 185 Pelham St, Carlton, VIC 3053 | Online

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