The ARDC Public Sector Bridges program is one of six programs in the National Data Assets initiative.

Projects in the Public Sector Bridges program extend or improve public sector data to better support leading edge research. The Public Sector Bridges program targets scenarios where specialised access for researchers to public sector data requires more than the baseline availability or management from the public sector data custodian.

For further information on the program, including FAQs, EOI, RFP and full program information, see key resources.

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We took a two-stage approach to making investments in the Public Sector Bridges program. The first stage was a call for expressions of interest (EOIs) followed later by a request for proposals (RFP).

EOI phase

The EOI phase is intended to elicit preliminary ideas for the program, and to identify potential collaborations between public sector departments/agencies, researchers and research organisations. Eligible EOIs will be made public on the ARDC website, and ARDC will actively broker discussions between similar EOIs so that combined proposals can be developed and submitted in the RFP phase. We will use this period to endeavour to broker similar ideas or projects that are missing partners.

RFP phase

The RFP phase was a competitive call and was only open to those who submitted a successful EOI and their collaborators.

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The table below provides an indicative time frame for these activities, noting that the ongoing impact of COVID-19 is impossible to forecast and may result in significant changes over time.

Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) in Public Sector Bridges Program (opens-closes)28 May - 29 June 2020
Information and FAQ Webinar18 June 2020
Request for Proposals (RFP) for Public Sector Bridges (opens-closes)17 August - 14 September 2020
Announcement of successful proposalsMid November 2020
Contracts sent out to successful projectsQ4 2020
Projects beginQ4 2020


In scope activities for projects in this program included:

  • implementing research sector-compatible data standards
  • extending collection coverage for research sector needs
  • developing programmatic access interfaces for research sector


  • establishing new governance, policy, and access arrangements
  • connecting public sector data with research infrastructure, analytical tools, platforms, modelling environments
  • planning for and monitoring of research use and broader impacts



Proposals could apply for up to two and a half years of investment, with ARDC investing up to $350,000 in each of the Public Sector Bridge projects.


Project proposals were accepted from research institutes (for example, Universities, NCRIS facilities, Publicly Funded Research Organisations, and Medical Research Institutes), or public sector departments/agencies (mentioned either in APS agency listing or Australian Government Organisations Register).

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Key resources

  • View the list of successful projects
  • Submit your RFP
  • Download the Request for Proposal documentation [PDF 1MB]
  • Download the editable version of the proposal questions [DOC 500KB].
  • Download the full program description [PDF 332KB]
  • View the Frequently Asked Questions
  • View the overview and Q & A webinar recording [18 June 2020]
  • Ask a question
  • Submitted EOIs are available for download as [PDF 1MB] or [XLS 1MB]. Note that this document includes all the Expressions of Interest submitted to the ARDC Public Sector Bridges program 2020. This is intended to assist the ARDC and other organisations to identify collaboration opportunities. If you wish to have your EOI withdrawn and taken down from the website for any reason, use this form. Please note that including an EOI in this document does not indicate an invitation to submit a proposal.