Registration closed 31 March 2021 5pm AEDT. Visit the HeSANDA Infrastructure Development page.

ARDC seeks to establish an initial set of nodes to form the HeSANDA network. A HeSANDA node is expected to provide coverage of a number of organisations and must be able to provide access to clinical trials data. Please complete the information below and upload your completed Node Details form to register your interest in (a) establishing a HeSANDA node or (b) joining a HeSANDA node through the facilitation phase of this program. Before completing this form, please note:

  • Registrations must include a name for the proposed node. This name will only be used for ARDC’s administrative purposes during the ROI process and need not be the final name if the node is established. Registrations from organisations seeking to join a node (as opposed to establishing their own node) are still required to provide a name so that the registration can be processed.
  • Registrations will need to nominate a lead organisation to act as ARDC’s administrative contact during the ROI process.
  • Registrations submitted by individual organisations will be accepted but ARDC requires there to be a credible pathway to forming a sustainable collaboration with other organisations to establish a node.
  • During the node facilitation stage, ARDC will facilitate potential collaborations between registrants to strengthen node proposals as appropriate .
  • During the proposal submission stage, ARDC will only invite submissions from groups or networks of organisations who together can propose a considerable node.

Further information can be found in the background document and the information session recording. Registrants are expected to be familiar with this information before submitting their application.

Submission form

In case of issues with submission, please contact us.