Submissions closed 26 March 2021 5pm AEDT.

Expressions of Interest for Phase 2 of the Data Retention Project are invited from Universities and NCRIS capabilities that can demonstrate the principles of NCRIS for important data collections in their custody, namely they are either national in scope, collaborative in nature, contribute to the wider research data infrastructure or possess enduring value to the research sector.

If you are interested in submitting an EOI, please read the full project description prior to submission.

Register for an information webinar on the 18th March 2021.

Applicants for this EOI should represent single organisations, manage data storage infrastructure at scale and consider the requirements of the subsequent RFP when deciding to submit, specifically:

  • Capacity: A consolidated total estimate for single copy storage capacity (in TB) of all relevant managed data collections is requested.
  • Capability:  A business process to collect and publish 13 controlled metadata elements on those data collections should exist or is planned.
  • Authority:  An assurance that the applicant organisation possesses sufficient authority to collect and make public the metadata relating to rights, ownership and re-use licenses.

Some or all of the EOI submissions will be considered for full proposals based on available funds and national capacity demand.

The ARDC will consider each EOI for organisational representation and the national burden on storage capacity for important data collections.

All partnerships must complete by June 2023.

If you are interested in submitting an EOI, please read the full project description.

NOTE:  To assist ARDC and the wider NCRIS program, all data and information provided as part of this EOI and subsequent RFP may be used by the ARDC for capacity management and accurate sustainable investment planning.  By submitting an EOI (and possible RFP) you consent to the information you provide being used in this way.  To be clear, there is no intention to make any of the data contained within the EOI (of RFP) public but in line with the ARDC core value of transparency, we will publish the names of successful applicants on our public website.

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