FAIR Data 101 Course Hits the Mark

The ARDC's course in FAIR Data was a huge hit and has led to a second express version.
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The overwhelming response to the Australian Research Data Commons’ (ARDC) FAIR Data 101 training has led to a second course.

FAIR Data 101 Express will run 7 September to Friday 2 October. Registration closes 4 September.

FAIR Data 101, which was designed to increase awareness and adoption of the FAIR data principles — making digital assets findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable — received top marks from attendees for its clear, relevant presentations, the quality of the instructors and providing relevant skills and knowledge.

It was designed for individuals working with or expecting to work with research data, including researchers, publishers, librarians, research data stewards, research infrastructure providers and research support staff.

The online course aimed to increase familiarity with FAIR data and its application in research. It included hands-on exercises, techniques and tools to raise awareness of best-practice applications and the benefits of FAIR data management.

The strong interest in the course — all places were filled within three days of it being offered — demonstrates the growing significance of FAIR data principles.

Along with receiving high ratings for the content and structure of the virtual eight-week course, which ran from May to June 2020, all participants who responded to a course evaluation said they would recommend it to others. They noted that presentations were clear, included relevant examples and that the training helped them gain relevant skills and knowledge.

The positive feedback also noted the working knowledge of the presenters.

“The presenters didn’t shy away from presenting the roadblocks and challenges,” one participant commented.

Another said, “the mix of formal presentations, discussion groups, activities and quizzes and the online forum covered a variety of learning styles. The interactive elements also allowed the prior knowledge and experience of the participants to enhance the content for all.”

The course was delivered by a team from the ARDC.

Participants plan on applying the skills from the course in a variety of ways, including:

  • developing research data management guidelines
  • developing training workshops 
  • applying FAIR principles to training materials
  • designing and implementing a FAIR data management strategy.

Learn more about FAIR data here.